Horno Menu

Our Horno synonymous of a close family kitchen; where we shelter your cravings and your tastes. The dishes are prepared in front of you and you can breathe in the aromas of all the ingredients.

Our dishes are made with natural and fresh ingredients that we select day by day in local markets and local shops. We use original ingredients from the Middle East to create authentic dishes and provide the best Flavors of Lebanon experience.

“Lebanese cuisine is known worldwide for its rich Mediterranean flavors. It is the result of the influence of great civilizations such as the Phonicians, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Ottomans, Persians… It is based on a healthy diet rich in nutrients and with unique flavors.”


  • Spinach – Fresh Spinach, tomato, onion, nuts and lebanese spices (3p). $90
  • Meat – Beef and lamb minced meat spiced with lebanese spices (3p). $100
  • Meat and Lebanese Yogurt – Beef and lam minced meat, lebanese yogurt, onion and nuts, spiced with lebanese spices(3p). $100
  • Zaatar and Cheese – Queso Mozzarella Chese and zaatar (lebanese herbal spice) (3p). $90
  • Chesse and parsley – Mozzarella chesse and parsley (3p). $90
  • Olive and Cheese – Mozzarella cheese and lebanese olives (3p). $95
  • Kishk – Lebanese food based on jocoque, wheat prepared with tomato, paprika, red pepper paste, walnut, sesame and olive oil $90
  • Meat – Beef and lamb with spices, tomato and red pepper $100
  • Cheese – With the option to choose: mozzarela o goat chesse with onion and zaatar $90
  • Goat chesee – Goat chesee, onion and zaatar (Lebanese spice)$90
  • Zaatar – Lebanese spice based on oregano and olive oil $80

Typical lebanese dishes on small portions to share, served with toasted arabic bread.

  • Labneh – Lebanese Yogurt – Strained yogurt home made, topped with olive oil  $95
  • Baba Ghanoush – Lebanese Eggplant Ground eggplant with lemon, tahini sauce (sesame paste) and lebanese yogurt $95
  • Hummus – Gound chickpeas with tahini (sesame paste) $95
  • Malaak Tomato – Dehydrate Rosted Tomato with spices $90
  • Tabouleh – Traditional lebanese salad based on parsley, tomato, onion, cucumber and cracket wheat with lemon and olive oil $100
  • Fatoush – Typical lebanese salad based on purslane, lettuce tomato, onion with lemon and olive oil $100
  • Cucumber salad with Laban – Cucumber pieces seasoned with lebanese yogurt and spices $95
  • Tomato Salad – Organic tomato with sumak dressing (lebanese spices) and olive oil $90
  • Malaak Salad – Lettuce, tomato, onion with Shanklish chesse and olive oil $95
  • Shish Tawouk – Chiken Kebab with potatoes – Chiken skewers seasoned with arabic spices served with potatoes hara (lebanese style spicy potatoes) $150
  • Chicken Shawarma – Lebanese style marinated Chicken ith vegetables, garlic sauce and french fries with taratour sauce (sesame paste, lemon and garlic)$150
  • Beef Shawarma – Lebanese marinated beef and lamb meat with vegetabes, dried tomato, and tatour sauce (sesame paste, lemon and garlic)$160
  • Special fillet – Lebanese spices marinated steak filelet wiht hummus.$160
  • Special Kafta – Beef and lamb minced meat with lebanese spices, homemade mayonase and tomato $150
  • Kafta with cheese- Beef and lamb minced meat with lebanese spices, tomato paste and mozarella chesse $150
  • Kafta Arayes – Beef and lamb minced meat with lebanese spices press on arabic bread with pomegranate molasses and butter $150
  • Falafel – Broad bean and seasoned ground chickpea balls, vegetables and taratour sauce. $150
  • Malaak – Lebanese yogurth, tomato, cucumber, olives, zaatar (herbal lebanese spice).  $100
  • Shanklish – Shanklish chesse (homemade on the lebanese style from yogurt), zaatar, olive oil, tomato y onion $100
  • Cauliflower Taco- Fried Cauliflower and taratour. $90
  • Eggplant Taco – Baked eggplant, tomato and lemon, garlic paste and olive oil $90
  • Olive Taco – Black olives and lettuce $90

  • Knefe – Wheat semolina cake, wih butter and mozarella chesse, drizzed with syrup and sprinkled with grund pistacho $90
  • Ma’amoul – Alomond flour polvoron stuffed with peacn nuts with leabsnese esscense. $95
  • Graibe – Cookies made from butter and almond: 1 pz: $35   3 pzs: $75
  • Baklava – PSoft filo pasta cake with walnut or pistacho filling drizzeled with syrup 1 pz: $40   3 pzs: $90
  • Halawe – Arabic nougat based on pistacho, milk and tahini (sesame sauce) $45
  • Ice Cream – Home made by hand with lebanese spices (Ask the waiter for the available option) $45
  • Chocolate Salami – Semi-dark chocolate roll made with pistachios and biscuit $80
  • Sparkling water $30
  • Sparkling mineral water $35
  • Sparkling mineral water Topochico $45
  • Flavor fresh water – Lebanese limonade, Jamaica with lemon grass, etc. Ask the waiter for the specialty of the day  $30
  • Soda – Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Fanta. $30
  • Beer – Bohemia clara y obscura. $40
  • Cup of wine of the house  $70
  • Arak – Lebansse aniseed wine. Served with ice and water $125

  • Arabic coffee:  2 persons: $45  3 persons: $65 4 persons: 85
  • Arabic coffee with cardamom: 2 persons: $85  3 persons: $105 4 persons: 125
  • White Coffee – Agua caliente endulzada con Mazaher (lebanese essence of orange blossoms). Cafeine free. 2 persons: $30  3 persons: $45 4 persons: 65
  • Mate $45
  • Imported Cardamomo Tea $50
  • Tea – Chamomille, peppermint y fruity.  $35
  • Peppermint infusion $45

Extra mil $10
Extra almond milk $15